Exemplary regulation of table tennis which held among organization (enterprise) employees



I confirm,
The name of organization (enterprise)
day ,month, year.   
The president of Table Tennis Federation
of Azerbaijan Republic
(sign)______ Shahin Mustafayev
day, month, year.


The Regulation of Table Tennis tournament which held among employees
of organization


1. The aid and objectives of tournament
-Maintaining health of employees of enterprise, strengthening, involve them active sport life;
-Promoting and become popular table tennis among the people.

2. The organization and management of tournament
-General management of organization carried out by Table Tennis Federation of Azerbaijan Republic;
-When held tournament the board of guides controls direct management who appointed by Federation.

3. The place and date of tournament
-Tournament starts in this date (the name of city),(the host address of tournament-hall) (day, month, year).


4.The programme ,participants and reservations
-Tournament is personally (a team) character;
-Tournament holds according rules of International Table Tennis.
-The first stage of tournament holds circular(or other) system;
-According to conditions set out above everybody can participate in tournament regardless of the master of sport.


5. Rewarding
-The winners of tournament are awarded with diplomas and prizes of organization(enterprise) and ATTF.


6. Orders
-To confirm your participation in the tournament you have to inform to organization with 000-00-00 number phone and your identity card and medical certificate must be present to board of guides.
-Sponsors or local organizations can pay travel expenses for participants (for team)

The current regulation is an official invitation for tournament.

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